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Fundamento 7 Cello Concert “Après un rêve” - Bringing classical music to Vietnamese audiences

December 14, 2023 VOV3

Vietnamese and international artists perform in the classical concert program "Cello Fundamento 7".

The music night is a regular international concert series in Vietnam founded by female cellist, Dr. Dinh Hoai Xuan, organized from 2016 until now, the 7th program.

This year's 7th Cello Fundamento program brings together 21 domestic and international artists from France, Romania, Germany, and Spain such as: Cellist, Dr. Dinh Hoai Xuan; violinist Nicolas Dautricourt; pianist Luu Hong Quang; pianist Khuong Hiep Ha; conductor, clarinetist Nguyen Phu Son; artist Nguyen Huu Nguyen etc...

The 10 immortal classical music performances performed in this year's 7th Cello Fundamento Concert program are familiar works by famous Vietnamese and world composers written for cello, violin, piano and orchestra. music such as: “Octet for strings in C major, Op.7” by composer George Enescu, “Libertango” by composer Astor Piazzolla, “Winter for Cello and String orchestra Mov.1” by composer Antonio Vivaldi, “Après un rêve” by composer Gabriel Fauré, “12 Transcendental Etudes No.6 (Vison)” by composer Franz Liszt, “People of Hanoi” by musician Nguyen Dinh Thi, performance “Folk songs of three Vietnamese countries "South, France and Romania" etc. gave the audience many warm, touching emotions and they gave the artists and orchestra the most enthusiastic applause.

Mr. Olivier Brochet, Ambassador of the French Republic to Vietnam, spoke at the concert.

At the concert, Mr. Olivier Brochet, ambassador of the French Republic to Vietnam, shared: "I am very happy to see you all here to listen to excellent artists playing in an international orchestra that numbers many of you." The crowd are artists from France and Vietnam, with strong connections to Romania, as one of the country's great composers George Enescu is the focus of tonight's program. This annual event is not just a concert but also reflects the diversity and richness of cultural characteristics of European countries and Vietnam and is a great opportunity to enjoy air performances. World famous music.”

Cellist, Dr. Dinh Hoai Xuan and the orchestra perform on stage.

It can be said that in order for the Fundamento Cello Classical Concert program to always be impressive, fresh, and attractive to viewers, cellist Dr. Dinh Hoai Xuan is always concerned about finding new, different, and creative things. created for the program.

Artist Dinh Hoai Xuan shared about the new and special features of this program compared to previous programs: "The special feature of this year's program is that there is a work performed for the first time in Vietnam. It is a work "Octet for strings in C major, Op.7" by Romanian composer George Enescu, where I did my PhD thesis and Hoai Xuan is also representing Romanian music in Vietnam.

In addition, the audience can also enjoy the sound of a world-famous ancient instrument that is more than 300 years old. This instrument is classified as one of the four most rare and expensive instruments in the world that came to Vietnam and was used by artist Nicolas Dautricourt, a French violinist.

Besides, this year with the support and love of the audience, Hoai Xuan added another Vietnamese music performance to the program, which is the immortal work "Hanoi People", instead of every year. There is only one folk song. Therefore, this year, the program has a Vietnamese work called "Hanoi People" and a work based on folk songs from three countries: Vietnam, France and Romania."

Cellist, Dr. Dinh Hoai Xuan is not only a person in charge of organizing and connecting, but also an active social activist, a person who dares to commit himself to develop the desire to spread ancient music. to a large Vietnamese audience.

World-famous violinist Nicolas Dautricourt.

World-famous violinist Nicolas Dautricourt, shares his thoughts about cellist, Dr. Dinh Hoai Xuan: “Dinh Hoai Xuan has great luck, plays the piano very well and is very strong. She is passionate about the cello and music. And I see, she is a very active person. The important thing is: today, we need musicians like these to bring classical music to all generations of audiences. And I also feel that Dinh Hoai Xuan is very cute and easy to work with. And that's why I'm here, feeling so happy. I congratulate the artist very much.”

Two cellists Dinh Hoai Xuan and Ha Mien performed with the orchestra.

With the passion and devotion to art from Vietnamese and international artists, through immortal musical works, the Cello fundamento 7 concert program has brought to the audience wonderful musical melodies. , captured the hearts and love of the audience, who were not only familiar with last year's Cello fundamento concert program but also those who came to this classical concert program for the first time. And that is one of the factors that created the success of this year's "Cello Fundamento 7" concert. As expected by the organizers, the concert program "Cello fundamento