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Classical Cello Concert Fundamento 7 with the theme: “APRÈS UN RêVE” - "AFTER A DREAM”

December 25, 2023 VOV3

Cello Fundamento is an international concert series founded in 2016 by Artist, Dr. Cello Dinh Hoai Xuan with the desire to spread classical music widely to the Vietnamese public. This program is held annually in Vietnam.

Concert program "Cello Fundamento Concert 7 - APRÈS UN RêVE".

Cello Fundamento is a delicate blend of cello with other instruments such as piano, violin or symphony orchestra. Therefore, the annual music night cannot lack talented Vietnamese and international artists who have achieved many prestigious achievements and awards in the field of classical music.

In addition to the main character, artist Dinh Hoai Xuan, the program also features guest artists from Vietnam, including cellist Bui Ha Mien (lecturer at the National Academy of Music), pianist Luu Hong Quang (currently performing and teaching in Australia), conductor Nguyen Phu Son (studying in Germany).

Artist Dinh Hoai Xuan is Vietnam's first doctor of music majoring in cello.

In addition, the program has the participation of: Mladen Spasinovici and Mariano Castro in charge of transcribing some works, pianist Khuong Hiep Ha, contrabassist Ngo Toan Thang, Vietnam Accordion Quartet from Hoc Vietnam National Institute of Music; Cellists Luong Thu Tra, Dao Tuyet Trinh, Do Pha Le from the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra.

The classical concert Cello Fundamento 7 with the theme: “APRÈS UN RêVE” - "AFTER A DREAM" - is meaningful as a new destination for cellist Dinh Hoai Xuan as well as the independent growth of the concert series international music Cello Fundamento, continuing its journey to reach out to the ocean, reaching great heights. Supported by the Romanian Embassy and the French Embassy, "APRÈS UN RêVE" is an international-class concert concluding collaborating with famous artists from European music capitals France and Germany. With the desire to bring classical music closer to the Vietnamese public, especially the younger generation, all profits of Cello Fundamento 7 are dedicated to awarding scholarships to young musical talents and used for projects. Music project for the community of the Cello Fundamento organization.

One of the highlights of the program is the appearance of the Enescu Project String Octet chamber ensemble from France, founded by violinist Nicolas Dautricourt. The orchestra's reputation and recognition of its value comes from a series of impressive musical events held in both traditional and outdoor concert halls and public venues. The appearance of the music group proves the efforts of the Fundamento 7 Cello Concert - APRÈS UN RêVE to reach the international level.

Violinist Nicolas Dautricourt.

The works selected to perform in the program are all unique, highly professional and artistic, but at the same time very easy to receive, with clear sounds that can touch the hearts of all ages. , even those who are not experts in classical music.

The highlight of Cello Fundamento is a performance of folk songs that have been transcribed for orchestra. CF7 performed a mashup combining folk songs from three countries: Romania, France and Vietnam. This is a gift from artist Dinh Hoai Xuan to the public, showing respect and honor for the nation's traditional music and cultural interference between countries.