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Released single "Schindler's list"

July 30, 2021 Dinh Hoai Xuan
The new single "Schindler's list" released today by artist Dinh Hoai Xuan is continuously increasing audio streaming on Spotify. Currently holding close to 100,000 listeners just today.
Dear fans of CF, please come and enjoy.
Among the nearly 30 digitally converted works including albums 1-2-3, MV, and single, the new single "Schindler's list" on Spotify has 97,273 separate audio streams today, with an increase in the number of songs, has an increase of 72.7% compared to other versions.
Xuan's music is being listened to the most in the US, followed by Germany, the UK, Canada, France, Spain... Vietnam fits into 10th place in the list of 240 countries.
On the album "Salut d'amour", the most listened to version is "Valse Sentimentul" by Tchaikovsky, second to Jaccqueline's tear drop "Les larmes du Jaccqueline" by Offenbach and third is "Oblivion" by Piazzolla ...
Currently, Xuan is trying hard to practice Bach Suite for next year's CF6 project and this year will release album no.4 with Vietnamese folk songs arranged for Cello and symphony for audio release. Particularly, the mashup "Ly Muoi Thuong-Biet dau coi nguon" composed for Cello with choir, strings, and bamboo flute will be released in both MV and audio.
Let's all look forward to Spring together.
Back to the single "Schindler's list" that has its own outstanding listening volume today, please listen to this Spotify link. ❤️