Hoai Xuan may not be the best young cello player in Vietnam, but no one is more famous than her right now. With 2 elaborate MVs of Trinh's music Song ve dau and semi-classical Huong ve Ha Noi, Hoai Xuan started to gain a foothold in the music market. So many people expressed concern when they heard that she gave up everything to go to Romania to study for a doctorate.


No one knew that was Xuan's strategy. “From the beginning, I wanted to be a classical artist. But due to the environment of the audience, I just took a detour... I still have to study until the end to reach a certain level."

That is probably what makes Xuan different from many of his peers. She confessed that at the National Academy of Music, although she studied well, she was only in the top 5. But the scholarship only came to the first and second place. Knowing that Xuan is self-motivated. She started with short courses in France and Germany, practiced foreign languages ​​, and conquered the domestic market.

Xuan said that when she started working on the MV Huong ve Ha Noi, she had 4 million in her pocket, and after ten months she had mobilized 1 billion. Enough for the crew of 130 people (more than 80 of which are orchestra and choir members) to complete the 4K quality MV released at the cinema. Later, it was thanks to this "playful" product that Xuan overcame 3 very strong foreign candidates to get a full scholarship to perform Ph.D. in Romania. Because the Board of Review highly appreciates the sociality of Huong ve Ha Noi,

Hoai Xuan said that to meet the requirements of the course, she had to work 6-11 hours a day. Partly because of his passion for cello, partly because of "national shame", wanting to keep the image of Vietnamese international students. Particularly, practicing the piano for at least 4 hours a day, preparing for a performance is 8 hours. Play until you scratch your fingers. "Sometimes 8 hours pass like an hour, the more you practice, the more you fall in love," Xuan said. “Cello came back in a dream…”. The teacher saw that Xuan was too obsessed and told her to stop taking piano lessons for a month. She confided: “I did not find it difficult or tiring. On the contrary, happiness is living the way you dream. Only eating, studying, and acting. Monthly scholarship self-account. During the day in Vietnam, I had to teach and earn money at the same time…”.

Of course, not many Hanoians let their children learn the cello, so Xuan teaches piano. She has 6 years of studying organ and piano at Hue Conservatory of Music. The school was later upgraded to an Academy of Music, adding a cello major. As soon as he saw the guitar, Xuan felt beautiful, heard the warm sound again, ended it. “Vietnamese people still know little about the cello, while in the world it is even more loved than other musical instruments because of its special bass timbre,” said Xuan. She hopes that with the impact of Cello Fundamento, more cello talents will appear in 5-10 years. And one day not far, Vietnam will have an international cello tournament...

After more than two years of crazy practice and concerts in the US, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Hoai Xuan is now different from before. In addition to being able to play the work with her eyes closed from beginning to end, she also added bravery. “In the old days, before performing, it was inevitable to be a little nervous. It's almost time for an important concert at the Opera House and I'm not worried at all”

It may also be because she is busy earning enough 2 billion to pay for the August 30 concert at the Hanoi Opera House. This is the second and official premiere of the Cello Fundamento concert series founded and organized by Xuan. Last year, she took care of 4 Romanian artists to tour at 3 Vietnamese music academies. This year the show has the participation of 9 cellists, violinists, pianists, clarinetists from the US, Germany, Austria, New Zealand, Romania, Ukraine... They have all won high prizes at many international competitions and are all soloists. of large orchestras, including Xuan's teacher.

In addition to wanting to spread the love of cello to the audience, the concert also provided survey data for Xuan's doctoral studies. Next year, she plans to bring all 80 artists of the Romanian Symphony Orchestra to Vietnam for graduation performance.

Xuan is committed to organizing Cello Fundamento programs "for the rest of my life". “I am determined to dedicate my life to the cello, seriously. Many women still have to balance between family, children and work, and livelihood. But I just want to focus on the cello. Cello Fundamento is like my brainchild. I want when I close my eyes, the show will continue to spread with good quality."

The program has the cheapest ticket price of 1 million, the most expensive up to 10 million. The money from selling this diamond class ticket is used to build a school in the highlands. The proceeds from the sale of the remaining ticket classes are divided in half. Half belong to the organizing company. The half belonging to Xuan will be donated to the Rice With Meat fund. "I went to school with a scholarship, so I don't need anything for myself," said Xuan. “I just want the show to make sense and have a good future in the long run.”

Xuan said, she still does not have a house or a car because she is still busy with cello. There was also someone who gave the house, but Xuan didn't love it, so she didn't take it. Because loving Xuan means always loving the cello . However, she revealed: "Currently, I meet a companion who encourages the way I go. I'm feeling fine." She added that her boyfriend, who is Vietnamese abroad, encouraged her to organize Cello Fundamento.