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Dinh Hoai Xuan invites foreign artists to Vietnam to attend concerts

July 30, 2021 thethaovanhoa.vn
As reported by The thao&Van Hoa this year is the 4th time the program Cello Fundamento is organized by artist Dinh Hoai Xuan. With the theme Home Sweet Home, Dinh Hoai Xuan wants to express his gratitude to his homeland Vietnam after studying abroad for 4 years in Romania. Dinh Hoai Xuan is the first female doctor in Vietnam majoring in music and cello performance.


In addition to the main character, artist Dinh Hoai Xuan, Cello Fundamento Concert 4 there were two talented artists from Romania: Ciprian Marinescu - Conductor of the Japan Osaka Orchestra and Răzvan Suma - Professor at Bucharest National University of Music, teacher during 4 years of study by artist Dinh Hoai Xuan in Romania.
Chú thích ảnh
Cellist Dinh Hoai Xuan
Sharing the difficulty of maintaining a classical concert program for 4 years, Dinh Hoai Xuan said: "The difficulties and pressures are really great, but those difficulties have turned into a driving force for me to have to do. keep going and I can't give up hope In fact up to number 3 I found it too difficult from the financial economy to be able to pay for it all and was about to stop to find a better direction but It is the love of Cello that keeps me from sleeping."
But perhaps luck smiled on this artist when he received the sharing of "senior", colleagues. "I have shared with my brothers, sisters, teachers, and everyone with one accord to help. And I find that on this road many times I am lonely and lost, but it is at such times that I realize that I am alone. I'm not lost at all when there are still many supporters beside me," the artist added.
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Artist Dinh Hoai Xuan revealed famous works to be performed in  Cello Fundamento Concert 4  including: Bach: Suit No 1, Four Romanian dances, Trio for clarinet - 1st movement, Fantasiestucke: Adagio and allegro, Trio 2 parts for the seasons, Double concerto, Concerto for Cello and Orchestra,...
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Meritorious Artist Tien Phuc shares about "sweet pupil" Dinh Hoai Xuan
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Musician Do Hong Quan - Chairman of the Vietnam Musicians Association - hopes to see the path for classical music from the programs of a young artist like Dinh Hoai Xuan.
According to the sharing, musician Do Hong Quan - President of Vietnam Musicians Association - will be present with  Cello Fundamento Concert 4  with a special arrangement for Cello performance with the Orchestra.
"The work "Trong com" I used to arrange for the trumpet and the Vietnam Symphony Orchestra to perform, but this time the arrangement is for 3 cellos. What's interesting is that the piece will exploit the techniques of the instrument, for example, I have to clap on the piano, there are places where I have to use my left hand to tap the body of the guitar to create very interesting effects, right in the spirit of the song "- the musician added.
Thao Nhi. Photos: NVCC