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Dinh Hoai Xuan flourishes in "Cello Fundamento Concert 4"

July 30, 2021 vov.vn

On the evening of December 29, Dinh Hoai Xuan and other artists performed the program "Cello Fundamento Concert 4" at the Opera House. Although the show just started at 8pm, an hour before, the guests and the audience had gathered in the auditorium.

In an ancient and warm space, Dinh Hoai Xuan appeared in a pastel pink dress embroidered with lotus flowers designed by Miss Ngoc Han, exuding a luxurious and warm look.

dinh hoai xuan thang hoa trong "cello fundamento concert 4" hinh 1
Dinh Hoai Xuan wears ao dai designed by Ngoc Han.

Dinh Hoai Xuan and the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra had intense training sessions on cold days in Hanoi.

The consensus and determination to dedicate a high-class and sacred music night at the musical cathedral - the Opera House fueled the artists' performance of "Concerto for Cello and Orchestra" (Camille Saint - Opera House). Saens) with a duration of nearly 20 minutes of sublimation, the right concert to welcome the new year.

However, the most impressive performance belonged to the performance "Trong com" - the score composed by musician Do Hong Quan for cello by artist Dinh Hoai Xuan and all guests and the Symphony Orchestra. The Vietnamese nation performed to close the program, which was both novel and impressive.

dinh hoai xuan thang hoa trong "cello fundamento concert 4" hinh 2

As a dear friend of Dinh Hoai Xuan, singer Pham Phuong Thao expressed her admiration for her female colleague: "Bringing Vietnamese folk songs into Cello Fundamento is the audacity of Xuan and his team, but I am not surprised because I understand that Xuan is a girl with personality, intelligence, and determination. As a professional, I appreciate this idea and am glad that Vietnamese folk songs are blowing a new breeze of civilization and academics. high''.

MC Thao Van also expressed her respect for cellist Dinh Hoai Xuan: "She really wants more people to know classical music, wants the public to share this love with her and I think this is a very beautiful wish".

Encapsulated in just about 2 hours, "Cello Fundamento Concert 4" brought a very special feeling, holding back everyone's hustle and bustle at the end of the year to receive joy and happiness together with the happy moments. music towards a happy new year.

dinh hoai xuan thang hoa trong "cello fundamento concert 4" hinh 3

This year's "Cello Fundamento Concert" program also deducts a scholarship (5 million VND each) in the Cello Fundamento - Dinh Hoai Xuan Scholarship Fund for 6 excellent students from the Cello, Piano and Violin faculties at the Academy of Music. Hue music.

After the Cello Fundamento Concert 4, Dinh Hoai Xuan will collaborate with Phu Xuan University - Hue to bring Cello to schools, expected to reach more than 100,000 students across the country, especially in the area central region.

Photos: To Thanh Tan