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Cellist Hoai Xuan made Trinh music MV

July 30, 2021 vnexpress.net

Four months after the release of the album "Khuc phieu du mot doi", the female artist continued to invest in the video clip "Song ve dau" with a thorough and elaborate image.

Song ve dau is a familiar song by the late musician Trinh Cong Son. The recording was composed by musician Luu Ha An and performed by young cellist Dinh Hoai Xuan and pianist Vu Ngoc Linh. This record is extracted from the album "Khuc phieu du mot doi" by Dinh Hoai Xuan released in August 2013.

The MV image was made in Tam Dao. An unspoiled, vast natural area with valleys, forests, lawns, and lakes is recorded with advanced technology such as flying camera, for shimmering and unique visual effects.

The MV production team is still very young, but they are all alumni and elite students of the University of Theater and Cinema. Director Le Ha Nguyen - who made the MV Ngay ngo  (Duong Cam - singer Hoang Yen), Tan vao nhau (Chau Dang Khoa - singer Le Viet Anh), khi mau nang tat  (Duc Tri - singer Pham Thu Ha),  Cuoc doi la nhung chuyen di  (Ta Quang Thang)... and has the ability to compose songs (several times won the Vietnamese Song Award) - showing the harmony between image and music, music and music. rhythm and rhythm, sight and hearing for the product. Music video Where is the wave was completed and released to the public on January 20. The release of the MV is not outside the purpose of promoting the album "The Adventure of a Lifetime" and directing listeners to enjoy richer and more extensive music.


Cellist Dinh Hoai Xuan

Trinh music is loved not only by Vietnamese people but also by foreigners. Trinh Cong Son's songs have been chosen by generations of Vietnamese artists to perform. Forms of orchestral concerts and instrumental solos have been performed by many pianists, saxophonists, violinists, guitarists, etc. But for the cello, which features a warm, deep sound, this is a first.

Dinh Hoai Xuan's teacher for the past 18 years, Professor-Dr. Vu Huong, while holding the student's music product, commented: "The birth of a CD with familiar lyrical songs of Trinh Cong Son was achieved by Trinh Cong Son. The presentation of the violin with the accompaniment of a semi-classical orchestra is useful in spreading the understanding of Western musical instruments and in enhancing the aesthetic enjoyment of music by music lovers. ".

In the future, along with performing, Dinh Hoai Xuan will continue to pursue a career in Cello research by building a doctoral thesis.​

MV "Sóng về đâu"


Huy Pham