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Cellist Hoai Xuan: Don't do art because of ambition

July 30, 2021 baoquocte.vn

Hoai Xuan with her warm cello sound, beautiful face, and passionate performance style has breathed a new breath into cello - which was previously quite remote from the public.


Hoai Xuan is one of the few Vietnamese cellists with a huge investment in music. Hoai Xuan's works such as MV "Huong ve Ha Noi", Album "Khuc Phieu Du mot doi" with Trinh music compositions, MV "Song ve dau" ... have made cello closer and easier to walk into people's hearts.

After nearly a year, she did not see her on stage at domestic classical music events but heard the wind that Xuan went to study for a doctorate in cello performance in Romania. One day in the early autumn of Hanoi, I happened to meet Hoai Shun when she joined performed at a music event and heard this warm, soft cello sound again.

The story over a cup of coffee with Xuan made me understand more about the heart of an artist with an endless passion for music, who doesn't do art for ambition, who has a burning desire to bring the cello to the world. More with the public in Vietnam.

nghe si cello hoai xuan khong lam nghe thuat vi tham vong
 Hoai Xuan with cello

Hello Hoai Xuan, from time to time I see you absent from major concerts in the country, how long have you “disappeared”?

Hoai Xuan did not "disappear" but studied cello for 4 years in Romania. Currently, Xuan has finished her first year of school. During the school year, Hoai Xuan sometimes returns to Vietnam to perform.

Your career is "on the rise" when suddenly you "put aside" to practice. What made Xuan make this brave decision and also surprised the audience?

Hoai Xuan thinks that going to practice does not mean stopping his performing career, but on the contrary, continuously studying is the way Xuan finds extremely important and necessary for an artist. A career in music requires constant practice and improvement. I want to focus on this study time to improve my knowledge. From learning, listening, observing, and daily practice.

Hoai Xuan hopes that in the future, he can create and launch more quality products, with more depth and reach the hearts of the audience even more.

Does studying affect your show participation?

Hoai Xuan's work is research and performance. Therefore, Hoai Xuan always practices and makes the performance similar to the research topic that he is pursuing.

In addition, Hoai Xuan has many opportunities to perform with friends in the school, as well as perform at the Vietnamese Embassy in Romania to exchange and promote Vietnamese music, culture, and people. with international friends.

Besides, I always choose the right time to return to my country to perform. Hoai Xuan feels lucky because she is always able to live with her passion and step by step mature and improve herself.

nghe si cello hoai xuan khong lam nghe thuat vi tham vong
Hoai Xuan (far right), Mr. Tran Thanh Cong, Vietnamese Ambassador to Romania (far left), and Vietnamese artists in the Spring Love 2016 program, organized by the Vietnamese Embassy in Romania. (Photo provided by the character)

Why did Hoai Xuan choose Romania to practice but not a Western European country? How do you feel about the country and the people here?

Being "touched" by the classical music scene in Eastern Europe is so wonderful. Being trained and learned from this music is also the dream of many artists, including Hoai Xuan.

Romania is a beautiful, peaceful country... and classical music is also extremely developed. In addition, coming to Romania to study is also an opportunity for Hoai Xuan and I cherish that.

Do you have any difficulties in integrating with the Vietnamese community in Romania?

Honestly, I spend most of my time on research and practice. But Xuan always cherishes the opportunity to meet and perform in front of the Vietnamese community in Romania.

Each time like that, Xuan feels the warmth of the Vietnamese people living far away, the affectionate love that people care about and give each other, really warm.

Hoai Xuan was born in Quang Binh, studied music in Hue since the age of 8, then studied at the National Academy of Music and is currently studying for a Ph.D. in cello performance. It seems that Xuan was born to make music, to "make love" with the cello?

Coming to the cello is really the best chance and luck for Hoai Xuan.

As a child, when looking at the piano and hearing the warm sound emanating from it, Hoai Xuan was mesmerized and "falls in love" with the cello ever since.

Until now, after 20 years, Xuan still considers choosing the cello to be the best decision in her music career.

After 20 years of pursuing the cello, which is a stringed instrument in a symphony orchestra, or used to "play" classical, "scientific" music, what difficulties does Hoai Xuan face? Have you ever felt frustrated with your job?

There are many difficulties to talk about, it is impossible to tell them all, but the important thing is the passion that prompted Xuan to walk non-stop. That makes my path a bit lighter.

Over the past 20 years with efforts and hard work, Hoai Xuan has never lost his passion for the cello. That love has been absorbed into Xuan's veins.

Hoai Xuan is also very happy and has more motivation to work as classical music is more and more known, respected, listened to, invested, and more and more talented. I have always believed that classical music is indispensable in our lives.

nghe si cello hoai xuan khong lam nghe thuat vi tham vong
Cello artist Hoai Xuan. (Photo provided by the character)

With the MV "Huong ve Ha Noi", the album "Khuc Phieu Du mot doi" with Trinh music works, the MV "Song ve dau", Hoai Xuan is known as one of the very few Vietnamese cellists invested in great for music, "refreshing" Vietnamese music and creating a buzz in the profession. What motivates Hoai Xuan to do this, is because you are too ambitious?

Thank you for your compliments on Hoai Xuan.

It should be affirmed that Hoai Xuan does not make art because of ambition. Any other motivation? There is only one thing that makes me devote all my heart to my products is my passion for music, love for cello, and serious labor in every music product I release.

Cello in Vietnam is also not known by many people, yet you choose this career, and you are still "highly educated". Honestly, what do you have in mind for your career?

Hoai Xuan does art because of passion, I have never had any "calculations". Simply love the cello too. The warm, soothing sound of the instrument goes into the listener's heart, making Xuan unable to stop.

Although it is difficult, although not many people know about this instrument Hoai Xuan still has strong faith in it, believes in the path he has chosen, and believes in the future of cello in Vietnam.

With 20 years in the profession, Hoai Xuan has concerns and wishes to contribute to the development of cello in Vietnam?

Hoai Xuan's greatest wish is to perform and popularize the cello more widely in Vietnam, making the domestic public not only "consider this stringed instrument" as if it were "tailored to make shoes" with music. classical, "scientific" but cello is also known as an instrument with warm bass very close to the human heart.

From that popularity, it is hoped that more and more people will love the cello sound, study the cello, and appear many musical talents in their country.

Cello is also not only an instrument in a symphony orchestra but an instrument that can stand solo (independent performance) with the support of a few other instruments such as guitar, piano...

How does Xuan view career, love, and life?

Everything with Hoai Xuan is very simple and gentle, trying hard to study, train yourself and listen to your heart, but "everything depends" (laughs).

Thank you Hoai Xuan, wish you good health and make your dreams come true!