Invited to be the ambassador for the elaborate book Beethoven- Music and life, how do you feel?

Xuan feels lucky and honored to be the ambassador for the book, which was first released in Vietnam, nearly 800 pages thick. It is a joy to know that I will also make a small contribution to spreading classical music through the book to classical music-loving readers, because music is simply necessary for all of us, making our souls more beautiful and forgiving. The book is for all ages and not just classical music lovers. It is also deeply humane, encouraging the spirit to rise above life's adversity barriers to achieve achievements in life.

Đinh Hoài Xuân xinh đẹp trong vai trò đại sứ cho… sách về Beethoven - ảnh 1
Dinh Hoai Xuan and the book Beethoven Music and life

Which part of the book appealed to you the most?

The book has many interesting passages, but chapter 5, about the deafness of the great genius of the period 1798-1802, really touched me. It is a disadvantage that suffers both physically and mentally of the musician. He always heard the humming sound in his head, those who spoke softly made him almost inaudible, or until he was almost deaf, he only knew his work was successful when he saw the entire audience standing up and clapping. didn't hear much when my work was played...

There have been many books about this genius composer. So what details in this book have never been published before?

Compared with the published books in Vietnam about Beethoven, this work has many unpublished details. With my limited awareness of the contents of other books that have been published, I can for example be the letters Beethoven wrote to a sponsor, to a little girl, to a friend with the content. full. Or the detail of his body after his death in 1827 was first placed near the capital cemetery, then moved to the center of Vienna, Austria.

What reader feedback did you get about the book?

Many readers bought the book as soon as it was released and shared a lot with Xuan. To date, the number of readers still subscribed to the book has steadily increased. This shows that the spread of the book begins to multiply. Most people enjoyed this book in both form and content. Some find it more inspired for work and life. Some combine reading books and listening to music,   when reading a chapter with a work, open that work to listen. Some reflections, the book is philosophical, and reading the analysis of the work is a bit confusing. There are many other opinions, but above all, people like the book and the spirit of admiration for a great genius who overcomes adversity in life, leaving posterity with many masterpieces.

What else would you personally do to honor Beethoven on this occasion?

Xuan's ambassador job, besides spreading the word through book presentations to readers with pictures, video clips, writing prefaces, etc., Xuan also went to a few schools and some public places to visit. introduced Beethoven music and performed there. That's a lot of work, too.

Invited to a rare position at a young age, do you feel special?

Xuan thinks that anyone pursuing a career in classical music in Vietnam is an ambassador for classical music. Other veteran artists with contributions to classical music in Vietnam in particular and in the world, in general, are automatically excellent ambassadors in this field.

I personally consider myself lucky and honored to be invited to be the ambassador for this book. This is also a new creative form contributing to spreading classical music close to the audience as well as readers.

Đinh Hoài Xuân xinh đẹp trong vai trò đại sứ cho… sách về Beethoven - ảnh 2