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Art has no limits

July 30, 2021 Đinh Hoài Xuân

​If I could choose to plant one tree, I would definitely choose bamboo. It takes many years for the roots to dig deep into the ground and only quickly rise again and again after that. Bamboo is easy to live without too many conditions and only blooms once at the end of its life.
Looking back, I always tell myself to persevere in daily practice, persistently pursue my dreams. And always believe in yourself, this also has the power to erase all doubts and also because patience and perseverance are also nourished by faith and ultimately taking time to build a good set of roots. If you plug it in deeply, it will be a matter of sooner or later because the internal force is already strong enough. Experiencing many hardships, rain, and sunshine, hardships, and storms, they can withstand and finally bloom, but the flower of the soul is meaningful.
When reading this book: "Beethoven, music and life" by Omega + published by Mr. Vu Trong Dai, and again by Trinh Sa, Nguyen Dang Thao, Le Thi Bao Thoa ... plus the dear team always by my side, I once again have the opportunity to learn about patience.
In Beethoven, from an early age, he had to undergo very austere training. Not only learning music, practicing piano but also learning foreign languages ​​and much other knowledge. By the age of 12, he could speak foreign languages ​​fluently, play the violin, clavichons well, etc. Besides, childhood was difficult when shouldering the economics and responsibility for the whole family, so for Beethoven, this was not just an extreme period. It was a difficult period of his childhood but also a period that helped Beethoven practice patience and empathy for those around him.
May this precious book reach more and more hands of readers ❤️.