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60 classical music artists perform concert “Cello Fundamento – Return”

July 30, 2021 danviet.vn

(Dan Viet) Cello artist Dinh Hoai Xuan will perform his special program called "Cello Fundamento Concert 4 - Home Sweet Home" taking place only one night on December 29 at the Hanoi Opera House. The program brings together more than 60 talented artists of classical music in Vietnam and the world.

With a love for Cello, artist Dinh Hoai Xuan over the years has maintained and developed the Cello Fundamento concert series annually since 2016. This year 2019, the beautiful and talented female artist continues to perform the program with the desire to spread the beautiful sounds of Cello and bring classical music closer to the classical music-loving audience.


60 nghe si am nhac co dien bieu dien hoa nhac “cello fundamento – tro ve” hinh anh 1

Professor Tien Phuc, cellist Dinh Hoai Xuan, musician Do Hong Quan

This year is the 4th time that the Cello Fundamento program is held, with the theme "Home Sweet Home", artist Dinh Hoai Xuan wants to express her gratitude to her homeland Vietnam, where she was born and grew up, creating and sowing a passion for the cello.

At the same time, Cello Fundamento Concert 4 marks the return of Dinh Hoai Xuan after years of training and hard work in Romania, helping her become the first female doctorate in Vietnam majoring in music and cello performance.

60 nghe si am nhac co dien bieu dien hoa nhac “cello fundamento – tro ve” hinh anh 2

Sharing at the launch, Cello artist Dinh Hoai Xuan said that the "Cello Fundamento - Return" concert will feature famous works performed such as Bach: Suit No 1, Four Romanian dances, Trio for clarinet - 1st movement, Fantasiestucke: Adagio and allegro, Trio 2 parts for the seasons, Double concerto, Concerto for Cello and Orchestra...

According to Cello artist Dinh Hoai Xuan, the concert also had the presence of famous guests including Ciprian Marinescu - Conductor of Japan Osaka Orchestra, and Răzvan Suma - Professor at Bucharest National University of Music.

Answering the question Dinh Hoai Xuan faced difficulties and pressure when organizing classical concerts, selling tickets as well as difficulties when inviting world artists to perform with, Cello artist Dinh Hoai Xuan said. Knows: “The difficulties and pressures are really great, but over the 4 seasons of Cello, it was those difficulties that turned into a motivation for me to continue and couldn't extinguish hope. In fact, to number 3 I found it too difficult, from the financial economy could not afford it all and was about to stop to find a better direction, but it was the love of Cello that kept me from sleeping. 

60 nghe si am nhac co dien bieu dien hoa nhac “cello fundamento – tro ve” hinh anh 3

I have shared with my brothers and sisters, teachers, everyone agrees to help. Like my Romanian professor - this time, I went home empty-handed, because normally I have to buy 1 more plane ticket for Cello, but this time it's reduced a lot because I borrowed Mr. Thanh Phuc's cello for the professor to perform.

Those are just very small details, but each person made this 4 Cello Concert with one hand. And I find that on this road many times I feel lonely and lost, but it is at such times that I realize that I am not lost at all, there are still many supportive people beside me.

Revealing more about the program, Dinh Hoai Xuan said,  This concert is sponsored by Miss Ngoc Han, in addition to the costume for Dinh Hoai Xuan is 44 ao dai for the whole Vietnam Symphony Orchestra.

60 nghe si am nhac co dien bieu dien hoa nhac “cello fundamento – tro ve” hinh anh 4

Miss Ngoc Han

Sharing about this, Miss Ngoc Han said: "I have known Xuan for a long time and are the same artist sisters, I understand that when an artist stands up to do her own show after many years of trying, that is a very difficult process. Listening to Ms. Xuan say, I feel there are many difficulties and hardships and I also want to share.

Han thinks, in a performance of Ms. Xuan, if both domestic and foreign artists wear Ao Dai together, it will be very beautiful, that is also the wish of an artist as a designer like Han, and also I want to make sure that the resonance of the artists and brothers and sisters will help Hoai Xuan have a great night."

Revealing more about the content of the concert, musician Do Hong Quan said that in the famous foreign works, there will be a work "familiar to Vietnamese people" compiled by him, which is the work "Trong com".

"The piece "Trong com" I used to arrange for the trumpet and the Vietnam Symphony Orchestra to perform, but this time the 3 cello arrangement is attractive in that it exploits the techniques of the instrument, such as having to strike on the cello, there are places where I have to use my left hand to pat the body of the cello to create very interesting effects, right in the spirit of the fun song."